Frequently Asked Questions

Alloy Repair / Respray FAQ's

We get asked quite a lot of questions about our service, and the results which can be expected. We've put together a list of our most answered questions to help take the guesswork out of your alloy repair/respray.

How long will the process take?

Usually the wheels will be turned around the same day but major wheel repair will be discussed on an individual basis.

How long do wheels take to diamond cut?

The normal duration we offer for dimaond cutting is 2 days. 

Can you store my vehicle over night?

Yes, we can store your vehicle overnight prior to agreement we are fully insured.

Will you fit new tyres I have purchased?

Yes, we can fit your new tyres or source some for you.

What warranty do I get?

We provide a 12 month Warranty for powder coating, 6 months warranty for steel wheels, and 3 month warranty for diamond cut wheels.  

What colours can I chose from?

We cover most of the common colours but we cater for many other colours so pop in to see our swatches. These colours do come at an additional cost which will be agreed before work commences.

Who can I speak to about advice to the wheel refurbishment?

You can call us on 07845 303807, email Andy or Paul, or use the provided web form on our contact page.

My wheels are badly corroded, and the paint has gone milky looking?

This is caused by a breakdown in the original paint layers, either brought about by untreated impact damage, or de-lamination of the layers of paint or lacquer, usually on polished wheels and diamond-cut wheels. If left for too long, then the aluminium begins to degrade, as there is no protective layer.

Whilst powder coat has the best chance to disguise this rough finish, as it is much thicker than normal paint.

What about kerb damage, and scrapes on the face?

On many occasions, the damage can look worse than it is. Once all the old paint coatings have been removed, it is surprising how much those coatings will have taken the impact, and protected the Aluminium underneath.

It is then, using the right tools, a simple job to smooth out the remaining damage, re-profile where necessary, and prepare for recoating.

What is the best thing to clean my wheels with?

After we have refurbished your wheels, you will find that the lacquer we use is extremely deep & full – this gives your wheels a nice finish & protects them, the other benefit is that it is harder for dust & dirt to stick too. For this reason, you should be able to clean your wheels with hot soapy water.

Basically, you can clean our refurbished wheels like any other wheel, however, it is not good to use solvent-based products or abrasive materials on any wheel. We also supply a recommended wheel cleaner for purchase. Finishing off with a wax product will never be a bad thing.

Where are you based?

We are based in Middlesbrough and cover the whole of the North East including the following towns: Middlesbrough, Redcar, Guisborough, Stockton, Yarm, Billingham, Marske & Saltburn.